Getting Your License

Canada Releaf is dedicated to helping patients apply for a medical cannabis card. Our main goal is to help patients access doctors who understand the benefits of using cannabis products to treat various illnesses and improve health. At this time we have a pilot project where Canada Releaf will help fund licenses for patients who need it most!

If you are an existing, licensed Health Canada medical cannabis card holder, you can contact our online sales partner at this website.

If you are interested in joining our pilot program please click yes to this question when you fill out your application.

Applications can be found on the first page under “obtain a license”.

Obtaining A Health Canada Medical Cannabis Card

It was ruled in the Supreme Court of Canada that patients of all illnesses should have the right to have medical cannabis as a treatment option. Canada Releaf looks to streamline the process for those with illnesses of all kind who are looking to obtain their medical cannabis card by working directly with you and our doctors to ensure you’re given the best care possible. Unlike many other clinics in Ontario (some of whom charge upwards of $700), Canada Releaf has negotiated a much lower rate and in some cases with our pilot program we can cover 100% of the cost.