Getting Your License

Becoming a Canada Releaf member is easy, and there are a few available options whether you have an existing Health Canada medical cannabis card and are looking to purchase medical cannabis – or if you are pursuing obtaining a new Health Canada medical cannabis card. First, you must be a Canadian resident to use our service. We do not sell to the United States.

If you are an existing, licensed Health Canada medical cannabis card holder, you can contact our online sales partner at this website.

Obtaining A Health Canada Medical Cannabis Card

It was ruled in the Supreme Court of Canada that patients of all illnesses should have the right to have medical cannabis as a treatment option. Canada Releaf looks to streamline the process for those with illnesses of all kind who are looking to obtain their medical cannabis card by working directly with you and our doctors to ensure you’re given the best care possible. Unlike many other clinics in Ontario (some of whom charge upwards of $700), Canada Releaf does not charge you for you to get your valid Health Canada medical cannabis card. We believe that patients shouldn’t have to front an arm and a leg in order to receive the medication that works for them.

In order to start the process to obtain your medical cannabis card, during which we’ll work one-on-one with you alongside our team of skilled and professional doctors to evaluate your eligibility for a medical cannabis card and if approved, find out what works <strong>best</strong> for you, please visit the link to our intake form at the end of this section. After you’ve completed the form and they’ve been processed, you’ll be contacted by our courteous staff who will process your intake and go through the process of obtaining the necessary medical records.